My Thoughts

A "friend" posted this to social media Jan 23rd, 2017

Trump Supporters,
The bottom line is that you were always willing to believe the worst in Hillary and the best in Trump. Just admit it was never about fairness to you.
You bitched about her email server being a "threat" to national security, but are not only incurious about Trump's business & sexual entanglements with Russia; you openly fight to keep it from being investigated. Just admit it was never about national security to you.
You decried Hillary's speeches before Goldman Sachs and cheered Trump vow to "drain the swamp". But today cheer Trump hiring 3 Goldman Sachs executives to his cabinet and his defiant vow that conflict of interest laws don't apply to him. Just admit that it was never about ethics to you.
No proof of Hillary's innocence was ever enough for you, and no proof of Trump's corruption is ever believed by you. Just admit that it was never about justice to you.
You mocked Hillary's 40 year marriage while cheering Trump's 3 marriages & fondness for adultery & prostitutes. Just admit it was never about morals to you.
The election is over. You won by a quirk of our Republic despite losing by 3 million votes. We're not complaining and we accept the outcome. Congratulations.
But if we're going to live together as Americans the next four years we do ask a little honesty from you, because frankly none of us are buying your bullshit justifications for your Trump affection anymore.
Just admit it. You support Trump for reasons you're embarrassed to say out loud. Maybe they're racial. Maybe they're religious. Maybe they're homophobic. Maybe they're sexist.
But whatever the case, the fact that all the reasons you STATE are in fact ridiculous & hold no water as I've just laid out, we know your true reasons must be for the remaining darker ones that you lack the courage to admit to it.'