My Thoughts

November 2020


A 'friend' asked for my opinion, I responded and was told I was a "F***ing Idiot."
As my father used to say, "Opinions are like A**holes…" and you ARE one.

A "friend" posted this to social media Jan 23rd, 2017

Trump Supporters,
The bottom line is that you were always willing to believe the worst in Hillary and the best in Trump. Just admit it was never about fairness to you.
You bitched about her email server being a "threat" to national security, but are not only incurious about Trump's business & sexual entanglements with Russia; you openly fight to keep it from being investigated. Just admit it was never about national security to you.
You decried Hillary's speeches before Goldman Sachs and cheered Trump vow to "drain the swamp". But today cheer Trump hiring 3 Goldman Sachs executives to his cabinet and his defiant vow that conflict of interest laws don't apply to him. Just admit that it was never about ethics to you.
No proof of Hillary's innocence was ever enough for you, and no proof of Trump's corruption is ever believed by you. Just admit that it was never about justice to you.
You mocked Hillary's 40 year marriage while cheering Trump's 3 marriages & fondness for adultery & prostitutes. Just admit it was never about morals to you.
The election is over. You won by a quirk of our Republic despite losing by 3 million votes. We're not complaining and we accept the outcome. Congratulations.
But if we're going to live together as Americans the next four years we do ask a little honesty from you, because frankly none of us are buying your bullshit justifications for your Trump affection anymore.
Just admit it. You support Trump for reasons you're embarrassed to say out loud. Maybe they're racial. Maybe they're religious. Maybe they're homophobic. Maybe they're sexist.
But whatever the case, the fact that all the reasons you STATE are in fact ridiculous & hold no water as I've just laid out, we know your true reasons must be for the remaining darker ones that you lack the courage to admit to it.'

A Recent Conversation

FRIEND: So...I'll probably regret this...because I have every single time I've asked a Republican and/or Trump supporter this question...but you and I have been friends for a long time and I've always respected please, tell me why and how you can support the current president and/or administration.

ME: He's an arrogant asshole from a personality standpoint.... typical New Yorker. But... before Covid-19 (which NO ONE could have predicted)
*Economic growth last quarter hit 4.2 percent.
*New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.
*African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
*Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded.
*Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
*Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years.
*Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
*Brokered the deal in the Middle East that has never been thought possibl

FRIEND: And it doesn't bother you as a husband and a father with a daughter that if he and his ilk have their way they'll strip women of as many rights as they can? You're okay with his obvious racism and hate mongering? And as far as predicting the pandemic ni...but he new and he lied to us and has continued to put the American people at risk by constantly denying scientific fact and the advice of medical experts?
Just to be clear...I'm not spoiling for a fight...I'm exhausted and scared for the future and I truly don't understand how we got here. And..thank you for responding with "facts" and reason and not attacking me for asking a question. This is literally the first time in four years that that has happened.

ME: The bottom line is simple and people that don't like him can't see it. If you quit shooting at him, he'll stop shooting back. Pandemic... personally I think he (or anyone in leadership) would not want to induce absolute panic. Biden called him a xenophobe for banning flights from China in either Feb or March, whenever it was. My personal opinion is he is NOT a politician and is a wake-up call. Ross Perot had good ideas when he ran but was too quirky to ever win. I never watched Trump's TV show and thought he was a jerk but he looks at business first. I don't know of any president, in my lifetime since Eisenhower, that had the guts to stand up to any foreign country. Again, just my opinion, but he upset the apple cart and exposed the status quo. When Obama said that 1% economic growth was the 'new norm' I was pissed! I think we're better than that and was tired of the US defending other countries for free. Bottom line, he's a jerk, but I don't think he's racist (look at Hershel Walker, Don King, and others) I'm afraid what would happen if we become a socialist country. I won't live to see it but my daughter will and it's difficult to support someone who supports a view that if I you make $75K a year and I make $25k a year, you have to give me $25K so we both make $50k. I could go on but I'm tired and have to work in the morning. Love you!

FRIEND: Love you too...

My Turn

November 7th, 2020

I guess it's my turn to Bitch And Complain for at least the next 4 years. Like many of my 'friends' who have thrown a temper tantrum for the last 4 years, "Trump" - "*45" (won't even say or type his name) - "not my President"- however you'd like to refer to DONALD J. TRUMP. He has lived rent free in your head and your social media posts since 2016. (tells how intelligent YOU are) Trump was elected because, in my opinion, many people wanted a change and someone that was NOT a politician. I'd list his accomplishments and the things he has done FOR America, but I doubt you would read them, believe them, or even care. If things play out as they seem to be, it's back to business as usual. Higher taxes, jobs leaving this country, and politicians being the only ones making money. I hope Trump moves all his businesses offshore…. I wouldn't blame him. If you don't like what I have to say, my response is simple…. Grow Up.