My Thoughts

January 2021

Unhinged Rant - written in a conversation thread on MY social media page.

I'd say you can't make this stuff up but this person obviously did.

trump is a cop killer.
He started the riot that killed the capitol police officer Brian D. Sicknick on Wednesday January 6, 2021. A rioter bashed Brian's head with a fire extinguisher, and he died Thursday morning. That makes five deaths (so far) and dozens of injuries. Brian D. Sicknick was a 12 year veteran of the U. S. Capitol Police. He was a staff sargeant for the New Jersey National Guard. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered that Capitol flags should be lowered to half-staff.

donald trump started a riot by commanding his supporters to attack the U. S. Capitol building. The House and Senate members were ushered to safety with two brave women carring the signed 538 ballots. trump said "I’ll be there with you", but he lied and left to go watch TV. Despite 6 hour of calls and tweets from desperate congressmen, trump did nothing to stop the violence. After receiving calls and tweets, Vice President Mike Pence called in the National Guard from Virginia and Maryland. trump encouraged his followers with tweets and a video.

trump's rioting supporters infected the Capitol building because of their refusal to wear masks, but the certification of President Elect Joseph R. Biden resumed with over 50 republican congressmen also refusing to wear masks. At least one congressman caught Covid-19 because of the failure of rioters and republican congressmen to wear masks.

Some rioters were looking for Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer and House majority leader Nancy Pelosi. Other terrorists had made a noose and were after V.P. Mike Pence. QAnon congresswoman Loren Boebert tweeted the location of Nancy Pelosi to trump supporters, but Pence, Pelosi and all the congressmen successfully escaped.

Formal impeachment proceedings of trump will begin Monday. After reading his tweets, Twitter permanently banned trump's account. Twitter also blocked his use of the POTUS and TeamTrump and several other Twitter accounts. Facebook and Instagram blocked trump from posting. Youtube has been very quiet since the riot because Google has deleted several videos from right-wing extremists calling for violence."